Pre-Registration Form for Trinity Church’s 2011 Dog Show

1. Your name:                                                                                              2. Your Pet’s Name, Age and Weight: 

3. Complete Mailing Address:


4.. Phone Number                                                                                                              5. Email Address:

Fees:     3 classes for $6.00 or 6 classes for $9.00      Each additional class is $1.00        

Check must be included with this form.    Make checks payable to Trinity Episcopal Church.

Mail form to: Trinity Episcopal Church, P.O. Box 151, Boonville NY, 13309

Check Classes you are entering:

1. __________ Best performer-two minute limit per dog.      2. __________ Best teen/adult handler- 13yrs. old +      3. __________ Best child handler- 12yrs. or younger

4. __________ Waggiest tail    5. __________ Most unusual mix- a cross breed that is unique     6. __________ Dog and handler look alike

7. __________ Retrieving ( disc, tennis balll, etc.) distance catching and choreographed  freestyle  catching.  

8. _________  Most obedient dog-responsive to commands, dogs and handlers visibly enjoy working together

9. _________ Best Veteran(oldest dog)     Class will be split by weight.   45 lbs. or less and 46lbs. or more

10. ________ Best Brace. A brace is a matching pair of the same breed.    11. ________ Best mismatched brace.  For example: a Great Dane & a Chihauhua.

12. _______ Shiniest coat    13. _______ Most Unusual Name    14. _______ Dog the Judges would most like to take home     15. _______ Saddest looking dog

16.  _______Curliest coat    17. _______ Tiniest dog      18. _______ Most untrained dog. Judges are looking for a lovable free spirit.

19. _______ Biggest dog      20. ______   Best Costume     21. _______ Cutest Puppy

And....  Best in Show; all the blue ribbon winners compete for a $50 prize.

 FUN HAVE A GO EVENTS (pet prizes for the winners)

___ Fastest Sausage Eater       ____ Egg and Spoon Race (with owner and dog)      ____ Best trick by dog     ____ Sack Race (dog on leash and you in sack)

____ 7 – 11 legged race 2 humans tied together as per 3-legged race and either one or two dogs on leash.      ____ Musical sit (like musical chairs – judge shouts “sit” and last dog sat gets eliminated until one left).


7. Calculate your entry donation:                 3 categories: $ __                    6 categories X ___ = $ __        Additional classes ___ X 1 = $ __

Total: $ ____

8. Payment: [ ] Enclosed is my check, payable to Trinity Episcopal Church

WAIVER: Absolutely no alcoholic beverages, gambling, illegal drugs or firearms will be allowed on the grounds or in the buildings of Trinity Episcopal Church, Boonville, NY on the day of this event. Trinity Episcopal Church, Boonville, NY assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury sustained by spectators or by exhibitors and handlers, or any of their dogs or property, and further assumes no responsibility for injury to children not under the control of their parents or guardians. Trinity Episcopal Church, Boonville, NY is also not responsible for loss, accidents, or theft.

By signing this form, I hereby agree to waive any claim, action, or lawsuit and further agree to indemnify and hold Trinity Episcopal Church, Boonville, NY the host of this event harmless from any claims, actions or lawsuits resulting from my participation in this event, and any action, decision or judgment made by the approved judges of this event. My signature indicates that I understand and agree to the above and will abide by all of the above rules and requirements of this event.

I have read and agree to the waiver on this form. I swear that this dog is not being handled by a professional handler.

Signature of Owner/Handler: