What Is a Python Spirit? (Everything to Know)

What Is a Python Spirit? (Everything to Know)

The idea of a “python spirit” or “spirit of python” is related to a specific set of beliefs concerning the demonic world. This concept is widely embraced by some Charismatics who believe that demons are responsible for most of the problems people face in their daily lives. They categorize and name evil spirits, then try to identify and expel them.

These “deliverance ministries” are founded on loosely interpreted Biblical references. Some people have created a fantastical mythology of spiritual warfare, including an array of unique demonic entities that are believed to cause chaos in the world.

In this article, we will explore the origin of the python spirit, different beliefs regarding its nature and function, and the lack of consistency in these beliefs. We will also emphasize the importance of relying on prayer, discipleship, and submission to God when addressing spiritual problems, rather than creating a mythology of demons.

The Origin of the Python Spirit

While the term “python” is not used in Acts 16:16, some Charismatics associate the “spirit of python” with the “spirit of divination” that possessed the slave girl in that passage.

The term “python” is not explicitly mentioned in the verse, but the Greek word for “divination,” pythōna, is where the association comes from. The word’s roots originate from Greek mythology where the serpent or dragon slain by Apollo, the Greek god of prophecy and music, guarded the oracle of Delphi and was believed to divine the future.

In Acts 16, the locals associated the slave girl’s power with “a spirit of Python” and correlated the mythological serpent with the demonic entity inhabiting the fortune-teller. It is essential to note that the “python” term is used differently in other instances in the Bible, where it refers to a snake or symbolizes a powerful adversary metaphorically.

There is no scriptural support for the specific use of the term “python” to refer to a particular demonic entity. While there may be some demonic involvement in a person’s spiritual or physical struggles, the Bible does not encourage creating new myths about demons, coining new terms, or speculating about their function and nature. Instead, the Bible encourages believers to concentrate on prayer, discipleship, and submission to God as the only meaningful solutions to spiritual issues.

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Different Beliefs About the Python Spirit

There are different opinions about the python spirit and what it does. Some people who believe in it think that this demon stops them from connecting with the Holy Spirit and stops their prayers. Others think that the python spirit gathers information about people who believe and uses this information to bring other demons to hurt people, churches, or cities.

Others believe that the python spirit makes people feel unhappy, depressed, or overcome. People believe this because pythons kill their prey by squeezing it until it can’t breathe. Some people have other ideas about the python spirit, and they give it other names like Jezebel or Absalom.

There are also people who think that the “spirit of python” is shown in greed, fear, or physical problems. Some people even use the phrase “python spirit” or “spirit of python” in general, without thinking about a particular demon.

It is important to remember that there isn’t a clear or logical teaching on the python spirit or other demons. People believe so many things about these entities, and these ideas often don’t have much to do with the Bible. People just speculate. One person’s idea of the “spirit of python” might be similar to that of another demon with another name, like Leviathan, Kundalini, or “water spirits.”

At the end of the day, some people say that the phrase “python spirit” or “spirit of python” helps them describe their spiritual problems. Nevertheless, it’s important to be careful what you believe. The Bible doesn’t tell us about a specific demon called Python, and it’s not smart to assume that a certain type of demon exists just because of a mythological monster’s pagan name. Instead, Christians should focus on prayer, following God, and being disciples to handle their spiritual problems.

The Lack of Consistency in Beliefs About the Python Spirit

The beliefs about the python spirit are intriguing yet confusing, as they lack consistency and coherence. Surprisingly, some people rely on such beliefs despite little or no scriptural basis for them. Moreover, the concept of the python spirit varies widely among different groups, and there is no single teaching on this subject.

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On one hand, some Charismatics use the term “python spirit” to describe their spiritual struggles differently from others. This shows that individuals have different interpretations of this spiritual concept. On the other hand, beliefs about the python spirit and other demons are often based on vague references to specific words that are taken out of their original context.

Interestingly, some believers extrapolate specific demonic entities based on pagan names for mythological monsters. However, the Bible neither endorses nor encourages such practices. Besides, beliefs surrounding the python spirit vary based on cultural and personal experiences.

Some of these beliefs might be harmful in certain circumstances. For instance, if believers focus too much on demonic entities, they may miss important aspects such as prayer, discipleship, and submission to God. The Bible does not provide any specific instructions on exorcisms. Therefore, it is not logical to believe that we have a specific ability to rebuke or exorcise any demon.

Final Thoughts

The “python spirit” or the “spirit of python” is a hotly debated topic amongst people of certain Christian beliefs. Some Christians view this term as a reference to a demon, but there is little biblical evidence to support such beliefs. The term “python spirit” originated from ancient Greek mythology, and was used by the people in Philippi to describe the spirit of divination that was believed to possess a slave girl.

It’s important to carefully approach the concept of the python spirit and to rely on the Bible as our ultimate authority on spiritual matters. The Bible equips us with effective tools to combat spiritual struggles, such as through prayer, discipleship, and submission to God. By focusing on these things, we can overcome the challenges we face and live a life that honors God.

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